You can help us make Totnes Music Now! flourish and grow by making a donation, big or small.

Totnes Music Now! has already put on a number of successful concerts and workshops. We have lots of ideas and plans for the future too.

So far, the musicians and administrative staff have all been working on a voluntary basis and we have managed to cover the costs of putting on events, but only just.

If you would like to help us with a donation, we would greatly appreciate it. Some of the things we need money for are:

1) Hire of music - believe it or not, this can be as much as 600.00 per programme.
2) Publicity, hire of concert venues, piano tuning -all the things that have to be paid for when putting on an event
3) Paying minimal expenses to the musicians. Our musicians are currently playing for free - this includes attending rehearsals as well as playing in concerts. We want to at least be able to give them basic expenses to cover things like petrol etc.
4) Administrative costs - maintaining and keeping the website up to date, time spent on administration and publicising etc.
5) Providing free tickets to concerts, talks and workshops for young people, students, pensioners and other disadvantaged members of our community.

We are quite happy for you to specify how you want your money spent, and we guarantee that we will use it for the purpose you specify, providing it is within our remit.

In the very near future we will be publicising our plans and ideas for the future and if you so wish, we will invite you to become involved in formulating them and putting them into practice.

Thank you!